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KTOWNLOVE LLC. | 611 S. Catalina St. #218, LA CA 90005 | Tel: 213-373-3770 | love@ktownlove.com


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Location Irvine, CA 9269 
Phone 949-824-5011 
Web http://www.uci.edu/ 

Quick Facts

Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine combines the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location. With a commitment to cutting-edge research, teaching, learning and creativity, UCI is a driving force of innovation and discovery that benefits our local, national and global communities in multiple ways.

With more than 25,000 students, 1,800 faculty members and 8,600 staff, UCI is among the fastest-growing campuses in the University of California system. Increasingly a first-choice campus for students, UCI ranks among the top U.S. universities in the number of undergraduate applications and continues to admit freshmen with highly competitive academic profiles. Orange County’s second-largest employer, UCI generates an annual economic impact on the county of $3.7 billion.

Excellence in Academics & Research

UCI is a center for quality education that fosters passionate, enthusiastic and ongoing expansion of knowledge and approaches to scholarship. Graduates are prepared to be global citizens equipped with the tools of analysis, expression and cultural understanding required for leadership in today’s world.

UCI is consistently ranked among the nation’s best universities – public and private – with achievements in a broad range of fields that have garnered high national rankings for numerous schools, departments and programs. Three UCI researchers have won Nobel Prizes – most recently Irwin Rose, in chemistry, in 2004.

Interdisciplinary research, a UCI hallmark, is evident in Calit2 (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology), Center for the Study of Democracy, Institute of Transportation Studies, Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Newkirk Center for Science & Society, Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies & Culture, as well as innovative instructional programs in biomedical engineering, health sciences, international studies, global cultures, and arts and technology, to name a few.

UCI’s tradition of combining research and teaching to produce new leaders for our region, state and nation has resulted in the extraordinary high quality of the campus’s research and graduate programs, an extensive commitment to undergraduate education, and a growing number of professional schools and programs of academic importance and great social significance. Recent additions include programs in public health, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing science, as well as a school of law scheduled to open in 2009.

A Prime Resource for the Community

UCI reaches beyond its classrooms and laboratories to address societal issues and support human development. In the health sciences, UCI is noted for its research on cancer, the neurosciences and the genetic underpinnings of disease. UC Irvine Medical Center, Orange County’s only university hospital, is building a new world-class facility that, upon completion in 2009, will house the latest technologies and strengthen UCI’s ability to provide specialized medical and surgical treatments to the region’s citizens.

A major intellectual and cultural center, UCI engages the community through many public activities and events. Campus speakers have included Nobel Peace Prize winners such as His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi and Kenyan environmental advocate Wangari Maathai, each of whom also received the UCI Citizen Peacebuilding Award for efforts toward world peace.

Building an Even Brighter Future

UCI’s vital partnerships with the community continue to expand. Generous support has led to culturally significant projects such as the Arts Plaza designed by Maya Lin, creator of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Prestigious faculty chairs have been endowed campuswide, with those in the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, The Paul Merage School of Business and The Henry Samueli School of Engineering established through the generous support of their namesakes.

UCI is a strategic partner in OCTANe, an entrepreneurial network driving innovation and growth among Orange County’s biomedical and information technology businesses. Development also continues on the 185-acre University Research Park, adjacent to campus and offering companies collaborative opportunities in medical research, biotechnology, engineering, computer science and business.

UCI is benefiting the community and the world in countless ways through its scholarly, scientific, creative and economic contributions. UCI now has embarked on a strategic plan that will ensure the campus continues to inspire excellence as it fulfills its research, teaching and public service missions in the decades ahead.


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KTOWNLOVE LLC. | 611 S. Catalina St. #218, LA CA 90005 | Tel: 213-373-3770 | love@ktownlove.com
KTOWNLOVE LLC. | 611 S. Catalina St. #218, LA CA 90005 | Tel: 213-373-3770 | love@ktownlove.com

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